At this page you can make your order.

Here are cited several models as examples. You can see, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and „Light Beeings“.

„Light Beeings“ are high-energy loaded puppets from yarn with customized typical characteristics such as hair color and length, clothing and eye color all selected by you.

I need for an order exactly 4 colors, which you should tell me.

On the table below you can see nearly the colors i use. Drag over each cell and it appears the code of that color.

write down the four colors you want to use and send them with your order.

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I need also the measure of all lets and laces. Optionally I can incorporate beads in my work as an extra ( each bead for an Euro ) . I will create your piece and send it in about two or three days.

The price depends on the respective length of the work: Every centimeter will cost 50 cents of an Euro, for example with a chain length of 40 cm the price is 20 €, a bracelet costs about 8-9 €. So take your measure and send me your order. The „Light Beeings“ costs 10 €. Shipping costs are not included.

Send me your requests via email, Skype or Facebook and I will answer you immediately.